Josh Gad Still Wants to Play Penguin in The Batman

Josh Gad pays as much attention to rumors about The Batman as any fan. As new rumors swirl about Penguin not being the only villain in director Matt Reeves’ film, Gad is once again throwing his name in the top hat.

Gad tweeted “Good Knight” to his followers Sunday evening, accompanied by a Penguin (Burgess Meredith) GIF.

Some have speculated that Gad has already landed the role and tweets like this are subtlety-free hints. That seems unlikely, though, considering that The Batman is at least several months away from production and the official casting announcements that come with it.

If Gad signed a contract to play Penguin, it would have come with a non-disclosure agreement. He wouldn’t be allowed to drop any hints about his involvement in the film until Warner Bros. was prepared to make the news official.

This is more likely a case of Gad just having a bit of fun on social media, as he’s known to do. He may genuinely want to play Penguin, but openly campaigning for a comic book movie role has not been a sound strategy in the past.