Christopher McQuarrie Calls Report of Recent DC Films Talks “Horsesh*t”

Christopher McQuarrie (Instagram)

Christopher McQuarrie is denying a report from The Hollywood Reporter that he passed on potential DC projects prior to signing on to direct the next two Mission: Impossible films. He has passed on a DC movie before, but that was long ago and not during the time period implied in THR‘s report.

“The stories you’re reading are not accurate,” McQuarrie tweeted in a reply to a fan on Twitter. “You should really assume nothing,” he wrote to another fan. “Anything you hear or hope about DC is horseshit if you’re not hearing it from me.”

McQuarrie referred a third fan to the director’s conversation with Collider‘s Steve “Frosty” Weintraub regarding DC movies back in October of 2018. “It’s all speculation,” McQuarrie tweeted.” What I told [Weintraub] during the [Mission: Impossible – Fallout] Q&A was the beginning and end of it.”

During that Q&A, McQuarrie referred to conversations he and Henry Cavill had on the Fallout set about making a Superman movie together. No formal discussions with Warner Bros. came out of those casual chats with Cavill.

McQuarrie confirmed meeting with Warner Bros. about Green Lantern during the Collider Q&A, but said his conversations were with “the previous regime.” DC Films is currently led by Walter Hamada, who’s been in charge of the division for a little over a year. That means McQuarrie did not meet with Warner Bros. while deciding what to do next after the success of Fallout last summer, as was reported by THR.

One thing we know for sure is that many fans will continue to hope that McQuarrie eventually directs a DC movie. Warner Bros. may not have made him any offers in the latter half of 2018, but they might try to sign McQuarrie once he’s done with his next two Mission: Impossible movies in a few years.