Shazam! Director Responds to Reported Costume Costs

The saga of the cost of the Shazam! costumes continues.

Earlier this week, Shazam! costume designer Leah Butler revealed the cost of the Shazam! costumes. She had stated that each cost $1M and that 10 of them had been built. There has been a lot of discussion since that came out about how accurate it may be, and now director David F. Sandberg has chimed in on the issue as well and admited that he doesn’t know how much the costumes cost, but he doesn’t think the price is out of the realm of possibility.

“In regards to questions about what Shazam’s suit cost,” said Sanberg, “short answer is I don’t actually know the final number. Longer answer that explains why these things are expensive, see my comment on reddit.” He then posted an image of his much longer response from Reddit. In short, building stuff for movies is expensive. While the first suit probably did cost a million after the R&D, fabrication and so on, by suit 10, it probably cost slightly less, but it was still expensive.

It’s all just part The magic of movie making where things are never as cheap as they seem.

Shazam! hits theaters on April 5.