Trigon Himself Opens Up About the Missing Episode of Titans

Titans -- Ep. 111 -- "Dick Grayson" -- Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

NOTE: This story does contain spoilers for episode 11 of Titans season 1.

By this time it’s well-known that the 12th episode of Titans was filmed but never shown. While the producers have discussed it a bit, one of the actors has now commented on it a bit.

Seamus Dever, Trigon himself, sat for an in-depth interview with Science Fiction about his career, and specifically his latest role in Titans. The entire thing is worth a read, and it’s especially interesting how he went about trying to come up with his take on playing Raven’s evil father, but amongst all of that he did confirm that episode 12 does exist.

“They don’t tell actors very much about these things,” said Dever. “But we shot (episode 12) and it’s awesome. I think they wanted to leave it with a cliffhanger and a good tease with these guys in peril so that we can see them emerge from it and how they struggle with it.”

This lines up with the other stories we’ve heard, but that has to be incredibly frustrating as an actor to know you have work just waiting out there that no one has seen.

As you may remember, episode 11 turned out to be a manipulation of Dick (Brenton Thwaites) by Trigon to turn him to the dark side. It also involved the dark alternate world where Batman has turned into a full-on killer, so there’s going to be a lot for the Boy Wonder to unpack mentally in season 2.

We enjoyed season 1 of Titans despite its stumbles, and now we just count the moments until season 2 hits DC Universe.

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