What does SHAZAM! stand for? No Matter how many times you may hear it, it’s easy to forget that SHAZAM! is actually an abbreviation. And even after you hear what it stands for, it’s easy to forget what a letter or two stand for.

We’re going to make that easy for you.

S – Wisdom of Solomon. This gives him enhanced intellect, knowledge, and the focus of the gods

H – Strength of Hercules. This gives him his superhuman strength.

A – Stamina of Atlas. This gives him stamina and his near-invulnerability

Z – Power of Zeus. With his being hit by lightning, this one shouldn’t surprise. It gives him control over the magic lightning, near-immortality, and spell-casting.

A – Courage of Achilles. He has an indomitable will.

M – Speed of Mercury. Superhuman speed can sure come in handy.

All of these powers were granted to him by the wizard Shazam. While he isn’t the only person in the DC universe capable of uttering the word and becoming a member of the Marvel family, he is definitely the most well-known.

There you have it, the meaning of SHAZAM! And now you can just head back here any time you forget it.