Funko Unveils Batman 80th Anniversary and New Primal Age at London Toy Fair

Funko has a slew of announcements as the London Toy Fair kicks off this week, and the company is showing love to both Batman and DC Primal Age.

First up is the Batman 80th Anniversary collection. As you can see, the products celebrate various times in the characters long career from Detective Comics #27, up through the 1989 Batman film.

Three of the products shown are Hot Topic exclusives, and those include the keychain, Owl-Man, and Dawnbreaker.

Second up, the DC Primal Age line is expanding with more characters and beasts. The only repaint is the black and white Batman which will be a Target exclusive. That exclusive isn’t too surprising with the recent news of the Target exclusive DC Primal Age comic.

We’ll be super curious to see just how far Funko and DC plan to take this concept.

Hopefully all of these items will be on display next month at the New York Toy Fair. Batman-News will be in attendance and will be sure to bring you full coverage.