Unused Titans Promo Photo Assembles the Entire Team

Titans TV Show logo

An unused promotional photo for Titans has surfaced that shows the season 1 team all assembled and ready to kick some bad guy butt.

We’ve seen some other photos of the core four Titans from what appears to be the same photo shoot, but we never saw any to the best of our knowledge that showed them with Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly).

It is not unusual for publicity photos to go unused. When these photo shoots are set up, the number of images taken is staggering and every combination you can think of is shot. It’s inevitable that a few get left out of the released rotation. There’s no follow-up as to why this one was left out, or where it has surfaced from, although it appears to be a screen capture from something, and in turn, the image is being displayed on a monitor.

We still aren’t sure when season 2 is filming, or when it will begin streaming, we just know it’s happening. Hopefully we’ll see a bit more of all six of the heroes interacting in the second go around.

Titans is currently available on DC Universe in the U.S., and on Netflix in other territories.