Titans Batmobile Concept Art Shows Off the Final Design

Titans gave us a few tantalizing glimpses of the Batmobile, but thanks to low-lighting, shadows, and odd angles, we never got to see a complete image of the car. Now we can at least finally see it in concept art form.

John Gallagher posted some of his unused Batmobile designs from Titans a few weeks ago, now he’s back with the final design that was chosen. Here’s what he had to say on his Facebook page:

I posted a bunch of unused concepts for my Batmobile a few weeks back but here’s the final Batmobile for Titans. You’ll never see it sharply enough in the series so it seems only fitting you’d need a better look. Hope you enjoy!

There are so many homages to familiar design cues in this design from Batmobiles over the years. We can see a bit of the Batman: The Animated Series in the rear fins. The dual cockpit borrows from multiple designs over the years. We even see a bit of the Batman & Robin design in the nose area.

It’s a shame we never got a better look at the Batmobile in the series, but at least we can enjoy it here. With season 2 seemingly set to begin filming in March, maybe there’s some hope to see it in season 2!