Chris McKay Takes on a New Movie and it’s Not Nightwing

Once again we’re left to question if the Nightwing movie will ever happen as Chris McKay heads off to another project.

Despite his ongoing promises that Nightwing isn’t dead, it seems that McKay has taken on another project. This past summer, Netflix announced numerous projects from a new partnership with comic creator Mark Millar. Already the plans are expanding, and now Sandra Bullock is getting involved in Reborn.

Reborn follows the story of a woman who passes away at eighty-years-old, only to be reborn in the prime of her life in an unfamiliar afterlife world called Adystria. This world filled with magic and dragons also happens to be home to many friends and loved ones who passed on before except for her husband. She then goes on a quest through this warring world to find him.

Sandra Bullock is just coming off of her super successful Bird Box film with Netflix, and there is a chance she may star in the film in addition to producing.

The immediate question, of course is what this means for the Nightwing film. Last time he commented on the project he told everyone to “keep hope alive,” but it’s getting difficult as time progresses. Of course, with the recent comments from Warner Bros. about not caring as much about a connected universe, it’s impossible to tell which movies are still in active development and which may have been shelved. This isn’t to say Nightwing has been shelved, but you do have to wonder what the status is at this point.

As to Reborn, no word yet on a release date.


SOURCE: Deadline

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