Warner Bros. Releases New LEGO Movie 2 Images

Warner Bros. is in the final lap of marketing for The LEGO Movie 2, and with that comes a whole new set of images. Considering how much the DC heroes appear in these, can we hope for even more of a part for them this time around?

LEGO Batman was the break out star of the original LEGO Movie, and he clearly has a large part in the sequel. We can’t help, but notice, though, the marketing materials are showing us a lot of Superman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. Do we dare hope they get a lot of screen time this time around? Would be a good way to see if any of them could carry a movie of their own like Batman did.

Advance screenings for The LEGO Movie 2 will happen on Jan. 26, and the general release is coming on Feb. 8.


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