Deathstroke Set to be Main Antagonist of Titans Season 2

It seems that the evidence is getting overwhelming that Deathstroke is headed for the Titans series on DC Universe.

Charles Murphy of That Hashtag Show shared some information on Friday morning that just seems to exist. No indication of where the info came from, or how it was confirmed, but he certainly seems confident in the information.

When taken in light of the casting news that appears to be for Jericho, it certainly does seem that we could be heading for a season based on the Judas Contract.

With the way season 1 ended with Trigon in play, and his carrying over to the start of season 2 for sure, you have to wonder what Deathstroke being in play means for him. Could it be Trigon sends Deathstroke after the Titans? Could Trigon already be defeated? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Of course, the big question now is who will play Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson. Titans is produced by Berlanti Productions, which also makes Arrow for The CW where Deathstroke has been played numerous times by Manu Bennett. It seems unlikely that his casting will carry over to Titans. And, of course, he was famously played by Joe Manganiello in a post-credits scene in Justice League, but his playing the role seems even more unlikely than Bennett. More than likely it will be an actor we’ve never seen in the role before, and that list is far too lenthy to even bein making guesses.

No word as of yet to when Titans season 2 will debut.


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