Doom Patrol Videos: Meet the Team

DC Universe has gone into heavy promotion mode on the upcoming Doom Patrol series, and that means it’s time to meet the characters.

The Doom Patrol Twitter account has started sharing videos of the team that give you a very tiny taste of what they’re all about. First up is Brendan Fraser as Clifford “Cliff” Steele. Thanks to a tragic racing accident he becomes Robotman.

April Bowlby is playing Rita Farr. Once a star of Hollywood films, thanks to exposure to toxic gas she was transformed into Eslati-Girl. As the video shows, she can’t always control what her body does.

The final video (so far) shows Diane Guerrero as Kay Challis AKA Crazy Jane. She has 64 distinct personalities, and each has its own superpower. Crazy Jane was not in the fourth episode of Titans, “Doom Patrol,” where we were introduced to the team.

Doom Patrol will debut on DC Universe on Feb. 15.


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