Titans Behind the Scenes Video Gives Another Look at Batman

Just as people say they didn’t get a good look at Batman after he rescues them from evildoers, the same can be said of the costume in Titans.

In the season finale of Titans we saw Batman in a lot of shadows and odd angles as Dick (Brenton Thwaites) went through an alternate reality. We were later treated to a lone picture from the set that gave us a still image look at the Caped Crusader. Now a new video has surfaced courtesy of dcutitanslatam on Instagram that shows the costume a bit more with every actor’s dream line being uttered.

There’s no clear indication if we’ll ever see Batman in the series again. With characters such as Connor Kent, Jericho, and Deathstroke appearing to be added to the show, the room for fleeting glances of Batman definitely seems to be narrowing.

Titans season 2 is reportedly going ot start production in March, but no indication as of yet as to when it will premiere.