Harley Quinn has new costumes and shops for exotic pets in latest Birds of Prey set photos

Source: Margot Robbie

The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn requires a vibrant wardrobe and perhaps a pair of hyenas. The latest round of Birds of Prey sets photos being shared on social media show Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) in two costumes that differ from what we’ve seen in previous images and the teaser video.

Harley is also shopping for exotic animals, which will make fans of her animated and comic book appearances wonder if she will acquire a hyena or two. The photos also give us a look at Harley’s tattoos and her Joker necklace.

If Harley is breaking away from The Joker in Birds of Prey, it’s possible that this scene will take place early in the film. It may also be a flashback scene from Harley’s time with The Joker, though there’s been no indication that he will appear in the film. Harley’s decision to purchase her “babies” could be all her own.

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It would be fantastic to see Harley Quinn with her pet hyenas on the big screen. She’s had them in practically every medium except film at this point, appearing with her pets in animation, comics, and even video games. This would be the logical next step, should we actually see it.