Suicide Squad Characters – Who could be in The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Characters

James Gunn is going for a new cast of characters for The Suicide Squad. This means more than likely we’ll see characters we haven’t before, but who could they be.

We dived deep and found since the launch of the 1987 comic incarnation of Suicide Squad there have been 153 members. A few notes on this, however, in that some characters (especially Deadshot) appeared in multiple versions of the team. They are listed only once. Additionally, we did not include the Silver Age characters unless they appeared in any of the tiles from 1987 to the present day. We also included the real names in case there was any confusion about telling the difference in cases such as Killer Frost and Killer Frost II.

On the very off chance you need a reminder of who appeared in the 2016 Suicide Squad film:

  • Amanda Waller
  • Captain Boomerang
  • Deadshot
  • El Diablo
  • Enchantress
  • Harley Quinn
  • Katana
  • Killer Croc
  • Rick Flag
  • Slipknot

There is always a chance James Gunn may choose to use some of those again, but they could be recast.

With this many characters at Gunn’s disposal, it’s a rich opportunity to dive into Suicide Squad characters that no one would ever expect. Even in the comics some of these characters lasted even less time than Slipknot did in the movie.  Big Sir, for instance, did in Suicide Squad Vol. 2, #1.

Of course, it’s also up to Warner Bros. and DC who they would like to see used. Who could move on to other projects, who they might already have plans for and so on. It’s a good thing there are so many options.

Have a look through the table. You can change how many rows display at once up to 100, search, reorganize, and so on. Then sound off in the comments about which Suicide Squad characters you would like to see on the big screen this time around.

Real name
Amanda WallerN/A
AtomAdam Cray
Atom SmasherAlbert Rothstein
Baby Boom
Big SirDufus P. Ratchet
Black AdamTeth-Adam
Black MantaDavid
Black OrchidSusan Linden
Black SpiderEric Needham
BlackguardRichard Hertz
BlackstarrRachel Berkowitz
BlockbusterMark Desmond
BoltLarry Bolatinsky
Bronze TigerBen Turner
BulldozerHorace Nichols
Cameron ChaseN/A
Captain BoomerangGeorge "Digger" Harkness
Captain Boomerang IIOwen Mercer
Captain ColdLeonard Snart
CheetahBarbara Ann Minerva
ChronosDavid Clinton
Clock KingWilliam Tockman
CluemasterArthur Brown
Col. Rick Flag Jr.N/A
Copperhead"John Doe"
Count VertigoWerner Vertigo
CrowbarMalcolm Tandy
DeadshotFloyd Lawton
DeathstrokeSlade Wilson
Doctor LightArthur Light
Double DownJeremy Tell
Dr. Hugh EvansN/A
El DiabloChato Santana
ElectrocutionerLester Buchinsky
EnchantressJune Moone
EnforcerMica Love
FirehawkLorraine Reilly
General ZodDru-Zod
Harley QuinnDr. Harleen Quinzel
HavanaOdalys Milagro Valdez
HawkmanCarter Hall
IcebergCharles Murray
IcicleCameron Mahkent
James Gordon Jr.N/A
Jeon Jungkook
Jess BrightN/A
Joker's DaughterDuela Dent
Juan SoriaN/A
Karin GraceN/A
KarmaWayne Hawkins
KatanaTatsu Yamashiro
KGBeastAnatoli Knyazev
Killer CrocWaylon Jones
Killer FrostCaitlin Snow
Killer Frost IILouise Lincoln
Killer SharkN/A
King FaradayN/A
King SharkNanaue
Lady Liberty?
Lord SatanisSatanis
Mad DogUnknown
Major DisasterPaul Booker
Major VictoryWilliam Vickers
Manchester BlackN/A
Manhunter/PrivateerMark Shaw
MaserHarold Lawrence Jordan
Master JailerCarl Draper
MerlynArthur King
MindbogglerLeah Wasserman
Mirror MasterEvan McCulloch
ModemWesley Percival Sloan
Mr. 104John Dubrovny
Multi-ManDuncan Pramble
MultiplexDanton Black
NemesisTom Tresser
NightshadeEve Eden
OracleBarbara Gordon
OutlawJohn Henry Martin
ParasiteRudy Jones
ParasiteJoshua Michael Allen
PenguinOswald Chesterfield Cobblepot
PersuaderCole Parker
PlasmusOtto Von Furth
PlastiqueBette Sans Souci
Poison IvyPamela Isley
Power GirlKaren Starr
Power GirlKara Zor-El
PsiGayle Marsh
PunchClyde Phillips
Rag Doll
ReactronBen Krullen
Reverse-FlashDaniel West
Rick FlagRichard Montgomery Flag
Sam MakoaN/A
SavantBrian Durlin
Scream Queen
Sgt. Frank RockN/A
Shade, the Changing ManRac Shade
ShrapnelMark Scheffer
ShrikeVanessa Kingsbury
Silent Majority?
Silver SwanValerie Beaudry
SlipknotChristopher Weiss
Solomon GrundyCyrus Gold
SpeedyRoy Harper
SportsmasterVictor Gover
StalnoivolkIvan Illyich Gort
Star-Spangled KidCourtney Whitmore
SteelJohn Henry Irons
Tao Jones
Tattooed ManAbel Tarrant
The GeneralWade Eiling
The Hunky PunkDorian Ashemore
The Unknown Soldier?
The WriterGrant Morrison
ThinkerClifford DeVoe
Thinker IICliff Carmichael
TwisterTheresa Zimmer
VelocityMelissa Allen
VixenMari Jiwe McCabe
WeaselJohn Monroe
White DragonWilliam Heller
WildcatTed Grant
WindfallWendy Jones
Yasemin SozeN/A
Yo-YoChang Jie-Ru


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