Prime 1 Studio Announces Knightfall Batman

Prime 1 Studio is back with a statue of the comic version of the Knightfall Batman.

The new Knightfall Batman statue clocks in at 35-inches and will be a welcome addition to your collection. Just maybe think about putting some cork on those talon tips if you have any little ones in the home.

The Knightfall Batman statue will have a standard release which will run $1,099, while the exlusive version will come with an extra portrait and will be limited to 350 pieces for $1,149. It’s expected to ship between April and June 2020.

“I’m not him… I’m a lot more… and a lot worse. “

The character first appeared as a villain who became Batman’s pupil and eventually took over the role of Batman through Knightfall. Prime 1 Studio is proud to introduce our MMDC-34 Knightfall Batman from DC Comics. He is a combination of supervillain and superhero. As the characterization, he often changes his personality from a ruthless assassin, Azrael who was created by the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas to a university graduate student of computer science in Gotham City, Jean-Paul Valley. His transition from villain to hero also influence in his appearance. The Museum Masterline Batman statue adopts a variety of Azrael’s costume styles. He wears a reinvented Power armored Batsuit that has a blue cape and a stylized blue bat symbol on the chest with the accent of yellow and gray color. There is a variety of poses that could be interchanged such as the two sets of gauntlet blades, two alternative portraits to give all the most iconic expression. The Exclusive version of MMDC-34EX Knightfall Batman includes an additional alternative portrait. Knightfall Batman Fans don’t miss your opportunity to get the new protector of Gotham City!


  • Statue Size approximately 35 inches tall
  • [(H):87.1cm (W):60.5cm (D):49.9cm]
  • One (1) designed base
  • One (1) Real Fabric Adjustable Cape
  • Two (2) alternate Portraits
  • Two (2) Set of Hands
  • One (1) Alternate Portrait (In the Exclusive Version Only)