Stargirl adds two more to the younger side of the cast

The Stargirl series over at DC Universe just can’t seem to stop adding cast members. Things had finally slowed down a bit, and then on Monday we learned of two more additions.

First up, Meg DeLacy (The Fosters) will be joining as Cindy Burman, yet another villain in the cast. This is how her character is described.

Cindy Burman is Blue Valley High’s most popular student… and its most feared. Secretly the daughter of Dragon King (played by Nelson Lee), a longtime enemy of the Justice Society of America, Cindy is determined to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Second up is Jake Austin Walker (I Love You Phillip Morris, Fear the Walking Dead) in an unknown role. Being cast at the same time as DeLacy, however, makes us lean towards him potentially being a villain.

Stargirl is shaping up to be a fairly crowded series it seems. The titular role went to Brec Bassinger, with Luke Wilson grabbing the role of Pat Dugan, aka Stripe. Other casting announcements have included Joel McHale as Starman, Brian Stapf will be suiting up as Wildcat, Lou Ferrigno Jr. is Hourman, and even the Injustice Society is getting in on the series as well.

No official premiere date has been announced for Stargirl as of yet, but a recent rumor pointed to Aug. 9.