Tweeterhead unveils a new Green Lantern statue

Tweeterhead is back with a new Green Lantern statue that brings some firepower.

When last we caught up with Tweeterhead it was for the upcoming Starfire statue. Now the company is jumping over to the Justice League members for it’s next piece.

The new rendition of Hal Jordan will have him not only standing there all heroic, but he will also have a ring construct of a multi-barrel canon. The EX version will be limited to 250 pieces and will include an “energy bandolier” and two extra hands. So you will have the following hand choices: holding lantern, holding bandolier, right and left hands empty. The figure is down in 1/6th scale and will be approx. 16-inches tall including the base.

The EX version will sell for $274.99 and will ship in the first quarter of 2020.