Henry Cavill reportedly wanted script and director approval for Man of Steel 2

UPDATE: Cavill’s reps now deny this report and have issued a statement. Original article follows.

A new rumor has surfaced that may explain why Man of Steel 2 has still not been made, let alone heavily discussed.

As many people may remember, in Sept. 2018, rumors began to circulate that Henry Cavill was out of playing Superman. This seems to have stemmed from a meeting he had with Warner Bros. on Sept. 11, 2018 where he and his management said he wanted a producer credit on Man of Steel 2 as well as script and director approval. According to the new rumor, this is not only where the Shazam! cameo supposedly fell apart, but Cavill’s further involvement in the DCEU was at an end as well.

After the story made its way to the public, Warner Bros. came out with an official statement saying that Cavill’s role in the DCEU was unchanged. This was followed by his management adding the cape was still in the closet. And topping off the whole saga was the very ‘interesting’ Instagram post from Cavill that seemed to confirm he was still Superman.

Since that time, everything has been quiet in regards to Cavill, even through the announcement that Ben Affleck had left the role of Batman. That was, until this past weekend when Cavill finally posted something Superman related on his Instagram for the first time in months.

The question becomes if this was some sort of confirmation that he is still in the role, or something else.

At this stage, with all of the changes happening in the DCEU, our suggestion is you take everything with a grain of salt until you see someone in costume and filming. Even then, you may want to not fully believe it until you’re sitting in a theater and watching it.

So far as we know right now, Superman isn’t slated for an appearance in any of the upcoming DC films, so we may be waiting a while before we find out.


Source: Revenge of the Fans