Aquaman spinoff film The Trench in the works

Aquaman - Official Images - The Trench - 01
Warner Bros.

No updates on Aquaman 2 yet, but discussions are underway for a film focused on The Trench.

According to sources speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has hired writers Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald to tackle a film based on the Trench sequence in Aquaman. The idea is to do with a horror-tinged script all about the amphibious creatures that reside there.

James Wan – who directed Aquaman – is reportedly on board to produce along with Peter Safran. The idea is reportedly to go with a modestly budgeted film compared to a usual DC film.

This idea may not be as crazy as it sounds at first glance. With Wan’s background in the Saw and Insidious series, he has a lot of knowledge on low-budget horror. Sure, it may not be the type of traditional DC film we want next, but if it helps keep the box office happy, all the better.

The film will reportedly be set completely in The Trench with none of the main cast of Aquaman said to appear.

No word yet on a potential release date.


SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter