Henry Cavill Superman cameo in Shazam! may never be seen

The saga of the Superman cameo in Shazam! has received yet another twist.

Recent reports indicate that a Superman cameo does happen in Shazam!, but it’s from a faceless body. According to a new report from ComicBook Nation, Cavill did film a cameo for the film, but it’s his ongoing contract talks with Warner Bros. that may keep him out of the finished film.

Rumors recently indicated that Cavill had made some demands in relation to Man of Steel 2 that had ground contract talks to a halt. This report was quickly denied by Cavill’s reps. Despite the denials, questions about Cavill’s status in the DCEU persist. With the recent departure of Ben Affleck from the Batman role, Cavill seems to be the next out the door if there is any truth to the issues.

Reportedly, if some sort of contract agreement can be worked out between Warner Bros. and Cavill before the release of Shazam!, his cameo will go in. If no contract agreement is reached before that date, the studio will stick with the faceless Superman cameo and that may very well be the end of Cavill’s tenure as Superman.

If correct, the clock is indeed ticking as Shazam! hits theaters on April 5.


Thanks to Israel for the tip!