Titans audition tapes for Rose Wilson surface

Rumors have circulated for a while now that Rose Wilson – the daughter of Slade Wilson – is coming to Titans season 2, and that’s looking more likely than ever now.

Audition videos for two different actors have surfaced courtesy of Geeks WorldWide. Two actors, London Thor and Kimberly Ryder, both try out two different scenes for a character named ‘Eva.’ This is believed to be the codename for Rose.

Before you watch these, do note that there is about a 100% chance these are fake scenes written specifically for the audition process. Don’t take anything in them as an indication to the plots of Titans season 2. They are done with the tone of the character in mind, however.

Things to keep in mind, while both actors do an excellent job, they are two of what is certain to be quite a few trying out for the part. If you don’t see either on your screen when the season airs, don’t be surprised. And if one of them does get the part, then you can say you saw it from the start.

Titans season 2 is expected to start filming on March 20. No word as of yet as to when it will appear on DC Universe.


SOURCE: Geeks WorldWide