Arrowverse could jump from Netflix to Warner’s streaming platform

The streaming world used to be one big, juicy pie cooked by Netflix. During that halcyon (and also technically near-monopolistic) period, we could get everything in one place. People even stopped pirating stuff. But then networks saw that big pie and wanted in. Netflix and Disney had a big, bad Marvel breakup this last year, and now it looks like Warner Media may be pulling its shows, which CW has consistently said get a nice bump from Netflix in subsequent seasons.

Kevin Reilly, Chief Creative Officer at Turner Entertainment and President of TBS & TNT told TVLine that not only will ratings juggernauts like Friends and The Big Bang Theory end up on Warner’s upcoming streaming service, but that CW’s shows could end up there as well.

Speaking directly to the CW shows – The Flash, Arrow, Riverdale and more – Reilly said that The CW’s deal with Netflix is up this spring and “we’re very interested in putting that on our platform.”

The service would also offer access to HBO content, as the premium service is also part of the Warner Media empire, along with original programming.

Nowhere did Reilly make mention of Warner’s DC Universe streaming service, a destination for tons of DC-related content right now. If Warner does indeed pull Flash and Friends off Netflix – which seems a certainty – it would seem like a huge mistake not to at least let it pop up on DC Universe, which needs all the content it can get (despite being a great deal already).

Warner Bros. announced, but unnamed, streaming service would be the third source for paid access to Warner-related shows, joining HBO Go/HBO Now; and DC Universe, which features Titans, the upcoming Doom Patrol show, and lots of other DC back-catalog stuff for streaming.

It’s not out of the question, though, that Arrowverse shows could show up on DC Universe – both services represent revenue streams for the media giant, and it wouldn’t cost the company any money or eyeballs to have it pop up on both services. But if we want to see all the DC shows under one weaponized Penguin umbrella, we’d probably better start sending letters now.