James Wan says ‘Aquaman’ spinoffs like ‘The Trench’ won’t get in the way of other DC movies

Warner Bros.

Aquaman earned more than enough money to generate a sequel and more. Last week’s news of a spinoff would not have been such a big surprise were it not for the subject of that film. No one outside of Warner Bros. and Aquaman director James Wan saw The Trench coming.

The news was met with ample curiosity. This being the internet, there was also some very vocal concern over Warner Bros. seemingly prioritizing a movie about Aquaman monsters over other DC films. Wan, who’s producing The Trench, is putting those worries to rest.

“What I do in my little corner doesn’t affect other projects from getting made,” Wan wrote on Twitter. “Aquaman was always about building a bigger, unique world within itself. There are many adventures within the Seven Seas.”


The Trench is only in development at this point, so Wan was careful to add, “Now, I’m not saying that this is actually happening.”

Wan is no stranger to producing spinoffs from successful films he’s helmed. After directing The Conjuring, Wan produced its sequel and three spinoffs (two Annabelle films and The Nun). The same playbook could be used for Aquaman.

The Trench is being developed as a modestly-budgeted horror film. It may not feature a single superhero and could instead focus on ordinary people being terrorized by extraordinary creatures.

There are only so many spots available on a studio’s slate. If Warner Bros. dedicates one of its usual horror slots to The Trench, however, then the portion of the slate dedicated to DC superheroes can remain untouched.

Fans can enjoy James Wan’s Aquaverse without fear that it’s standing between them and the next Superman movie or Green Lantern Corps.