Kotobukiya shows off its new Bishoujo Catwoman figure

Kotobukiya is back with the latest addition to its Batman line, Bishoujo Catwoman.

The Bishoujo moniker denotes a product line that sees U.S. female comic character re-imagined in an anime style. This 1/7 scale figure will see Catwoman with her latest ill-gotten gains.

The figure is up for pre order now with an expected release in August. The suggested retail price is $104.99.

Batman’s fateful rival and love interest, Catwoman is making her return to the BISHOUJO series with brand new art by Shunya Yamashita!

Catwoman rests against a burlap sack stuffed with cash, with a satisfied smile on her face that is sure to steal your heart! The statue is packed with exciting details that give the piece a unique sense of atmosphere, from Catwoman’s signature whip that playfully resembles a cat’s tail, to the actual kitten’s tail peeking out from Catwoman’s stash.

The details in the statue’s sculpting as well as the variety of textures and painting give this BISHOUJO a unique appearance that is sure to win its way into your heart and your collection!