DC Collectibles at Toy Fair 2019

Toy Fair 2019 is well under way, and while DC let the cat out of the bag on most of their new stuff yesterday, it was still great seeing it all up close and personal in real space. You can get the details on the new products at the link above, but if you want to look through my eyes (or at least through my phone’s eye), have a look below.

Batman: The Animated Series figures

Not surprisingly, DC continues to expand this line. Non-New Adventures Two-Face and Scarecrow are definite highlights, as is the Bat-cycle. Also, check out Grey Ghost, and the Azrael, Red Hood, and Deathstroke figures. Those last three are a collaboration with Paul Dini and Ty Templeton.

Artist Alley vinyl statues

We’ve seen all of these before over the past year, but this is the first time I’ve seen these particular ones in person, and they look fantastic. I really want that hideous Joker, and all of the Chrissie Zullo stuff looks great.

Assorted statues

We’ve seen just about all of these (if not all of these) before now, but I want to call special attention to Rhiley Rossmo’s concept art for Lobo. It looks absolutely amazing, and DC told me that the real deal will actually be notably larger than the concept image. I think I might actually have to buy that one.

And whether you liked Dark Nights: Metal or not, the statues—based on Greg Capullo’s wide ad image for the series—are excellent representations of all of the Dark Batmen. I’m particularly happy to see that the Batman Who Laughs is joined by his creepy little Jason Toddlings. I love those little freaks. Crow! Crow!


These are sure to be a love-hate thing among fans, but I kind of like them. They’re going to come in single-figure packs, but they’ll be released in waves of two: Batman and Deathstroke, Superman and Metallo, and Wonder Woman and Cheetah. Pay special attention to the Bat-face-shaped dent in Deathstroke’s chair. Nice detail.

DC Gallery Batman Cowls

There isn’t much to say about these—it’s kind of obvious what there is to them. But they’re very well sculpted and painted, and the Batman Who Laughs version is new for the show. DC told me they’ve got a long roadmap for this line.

DC Essentials figures

These are very meat-and-potatoes, but they still look great. DC is also going to sell special stands to aid in getting more dynamic poses. Sweet!

Designer Series statues

These look outstanding. I don’t even love the Frank Miller image that the grizzled, crouching Batman is based on, but I love that statue. And the Jenny Frisson Wonder Woman is magnificent.

DC Prime

This Batman was in the announcement yesterday, but it looks amazing up close. The wire-posable cape has great texture, as does the rest of the suit. The accessories/swappable parts are nice, too.

Batman: Black and White

I think we saw pretty much all of this yesterday, but it was still cool seeing it up close. My favorite has got to be the Mark Silvestri-inspired sitting Batman. Amazing Batsuit.

Last, but not least

This Harley is taller than me (!!!). It will, understandably, be limited in production, and no word yet on price. My money is on expensive.

That’s the straight dope on DC Collectibles’ showing at Toy Fair 2019. Stay tuned to Batman News for more from Toy Fair 2019!