Diamond Select Toys at Toy Fair 2019

Toy Fair is way bigger than comic book characters, but the footprint for comic-based toys—and in particular toys and collectibles based on Batman and the wider DC Universe—is huge. And one of the biggest toes in that footprint is Diamond Select Toys. Their lines of DC Gallery PVC statues, resin busts, and Vinimates are already large, but they continue to expand, covering pure comic book interpretations, animation, and film appearances alike. And while we’ve seen a lot of what they have on display here at the show in prior press releases or at other conventions, it’s still a treat to get to see them up close and personal in the relative privacy of Diamond Select’s curtained booth. Let’s have a look at what they have on display.

At last year’s show, DST showed off a number of comics-based Gallery pieces. Just about the entire Justice League was represented, but there was a gaping hole that only Diana Prince could fill. I like the modern skirt look that Gal Gadot brought to the big screen, and that the comics then co-opted, but it was super cool seeing the previous iteration used here. It’s a great pose, awesome paint, and a neat base evocative of Diana’s heritage.

Green Arrow is a character that should bother the crap out of me, but that I nevertheless enjoy immensely. I don’t really have much to say beyond “oh yes, it will be mine.” I need this guy on my shelf ASAP.

This is one that we’ve seen before, but if you’re a Batwoman fan, I can’t imagine you mind seeing it again. This is a pretty nice reproduction of what we’ve seen in the comics.

The Scarlet Speedster was at last year’s show, as well, but like the Batman below, he’s taken his time coming to market (which seems kind of fitting for Barry Allen). I’ve never been too crazy about the pose on this one, but like the Superman that came out last year, it really depends on the angle. I would display this one at a side angle.


Interesting timing here: just as DC Collectibles is announcing an Animated Series-style Deathstroke figure, DST is dropping a bust. Coincidence—or conspiracy of evil?!?! Regardless, this bust is pretty dang sweet, so if you’re a Slade fan and you don’t mind him having two eyes, this is the bust for you.

Mad Hatter is a character I enjoy more in the comics than in The Animated Series, but I still love the aesthetic, and given my large collection of Diamond busts, I can see this one ending up on a shelf near me very soon.

It’s Supergirl! Breaking a chain! With Slimer leering at her! I’m not nuts about this particular version of the Supergirl costume, but the post is excellent, and the sculpt and paint are top-notch.

The Babsgirl of Burnside was a bit of a polarizing thing. I won’t feign excitement at her coming to the Gallery line, but if you enjoyed those stories, or even just the costume, then this is right up your alley.

I am not a Carrie fan, but this is really, really nice. I imagine they’re going to sell a ton of this one.


I’ll let this one speak for itself.

I don’t have much experience with the Atom, but I’ve enjoyed his appearances in the books I’ve read and the shows I’ve watched. I absolutely love the diorama features here, and the notepad base is probably the coolest base on any Diamond statue ever.

The Bale Batman statue looks great, as it did in the press release that Diamond set out a month or so ago. I wasn’t impressed with Selina back then, but it’s much better here at the show. I figure they did some refining, retooling, or better paint application, and I think it paid off.

I didn’t care for Suicide Squad, but everybody seemed to love Harl. Good for you if you did, and as this looks like a faithful reproduction, it’s right up your alley.

Wonder Woman had not one, but two appearances here in the Diamond Select booth. I think I still prefer the comics version above, but this Gadot-inspired take is pretty great, too—not least because it really looks like Gal Gadot.

Are you excited for Shazam!? I am. And I think this is a pretty sweet take on the film’s interpretation of Captain Marvel.

It did not immediately register with me that this was the CW version of Batwoman, and I think that’s a testament to how well they did with the costume design on the most recent Arrowverse crossover event. Great pose, great paint, great job.

This was another one that DST had at the show last year, and I’ve been waiting for it to come out. They told me it’s hitting retail now, so the wait is over. I hope to have a review coming for this one soon.

That is an absolutely awesome Deathstroke. The only downside is that bent sword, and that’s a surefire risk any time you try to do something that thin with these materials. With enough patience, you should be able to straighten that sort of thing out, but if you don’t have that sort of patience, keep that in mind.

The Batman Who Laughs Gallery came out last year, and it was an outstanding piece. If you’re a fan of the evil Batmen from the Dark Multiverse, then you’ll be pleased to know that three more of them are making the leap to the Gallery line. I’m not too crazy about them, so my enthusiasm is muted, but I know there are a lot of you out there that feel differently. At $45/piece, it isn’t unreasonable to imagine that you could put together your own band of psychotic Bruces and Bryce Wayne in short order.

Vinimates are an acquired taste. Even if you were a fan of the DC Minimates line, you may not enjoy the aesthetic as much when it is blown up to this size—at least not at first. When I first began working with Diamond for reviews a few years ago, I told them not to send any Vinimates because I thought they were gross. Curiosity got the best of me, however, and once they arrived, I fell in love, and have added some more to my collection since. We’ve seen a few of these new ones before in press releases, but the comics Shazam and some of these other Batmans (including one from Batman: Damned—no Bat-weiner, though) are new, at least to me.

Anyway, that’s what was out on display in the Diamond Select Toys booth. I don’t know about you, but I loved almost all of it. What are you excited about getting your hands on? Let us know in the comments.