Mezco loves 1966 Batman and more at Toy Fair 2019

If we’re seeing any trend at Toy Fair 2019 in regards to Batman, it’s a lot of acknowledgment for the 1966 TV incarnation of Batman. From the Batmobile to Batman himself, it seems as though it’s everywhere we go on the show floor.

Mezco had a good mixture of 66 Batman, 89 Batman, and some other DC properties thrown in.

Kicking things off with the One: 12 line, Mezco is touching on all parts of the DC license from comics, animated and the DCEU. The products will be coming out throughout 2019 and bleeding into 2020.

One: 12

The Living Dead Dolls line has been around for what feels like years. As it has branched out into licenses, so has it turned to DC and another version of Catwoman is on the way.

Living Dead Dolls

The Mezco Designer Series (MDS) is where 66 Batman really shined this year with two versions of the Adam West caped crusader. The Stylized figure comes with the Batshield, so it has a slight edge over the other version. Keaton’s 89 Batman also gets in on the action.

Mezco Designer Series

Stay tuned for a lot more coverage from Toy Fair in the coming days!