Cryptozoic keeps Batman fresh and exciting at Toy Fair 2019

After this many years of DC products, it’s difficult to come up with something truly original. While cruising the aisles of oy Fair 2019, there is no question that Cryptozoic stands out from the crowd with some of its product lines.

Even when it comes to statues, Crytpozoic is going with some fresh ideas from color schemes to styles. A second series of TeeKeez are on the way. And the truly oddball, but awesome, Pumps blind box shoes will be getting a second series, but no word on a release date yet.

As for those ’66 Batmobile hot rods, all that was missing was Rat Fink himself it felt like.

The true eye-catcher, however was the hand statues. They caught our eye before we even got to the booth they are so striking and well done. The Batman hand with Batarang is coming soon.

Cryptozoic was also giving us a taste of what its highly limited convention exclusives would be for the year. Things will kick off at Wonder Con, so be ready to start trying to hunt these down throughout the year.

A couple other notes of fun from Crytpozoic, keep an eye out for its Challenge of the Superfriends card game. The set uses all of that great animated art and looks like it will be a lot of fun.

The DC Comics Bombshells trading cards will see each sealed box include a limited Lil Bombshell, and the one-of-a-kind art cards are going to be enough to drive a collector insane trying to hunt down which ones they want.

All-in-all, Cryptozoic is a company definitely worth keeping an eye on for DC collectibles.