Batman fights the undead in Tom Taylor’s upcoming “DCeased”

It started with the hashtag #DCeased and the ominous phrase “Darkseid was.”  Now, after a week of cryptic tweets, Tom Taylor has finally spilled the beans about DCeased: he’s writing a DC Universe zombie story.

For the record, I totally called it.

Yes, the mysterious DCeased is another apocalyptic, out of continuity epic from the mind of Taylor, this time focusing on Batman as he fights hordes of the undead.  IGN have the first details and a first look at the first issue, including some great covers from Greg Capullo, Yasmine Putri, and an absolute terrifying one from Francesco Mattina.  Taylor will be joined by artists Trevor Hairsine, Stefan Gaudiano, James Harren, and Rain Beredo as he finds “new and terrible ways” to torture his favorite heroes.

Sounds like good cheerful fun.​

Stay tuned for more news as we hear it, and head to IGN for the full report.​

DCeased #1 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on May.

This post was originally published on Comics Now.