Batman becomes a salt shaker, ornament and more at Enesco’s Toy Fair booth

There’s so much to see at ToyFair that it’s tough to see it all in four days. But if the bright primary colors of our favorite DC heroes hit our eye, we have to stop and take a look. That led us to Enesco’s booth, where the Justice League and some of its greatest villains are enshrined as everything from salt shakers to Christmas ornaments – including our beloved Caped Crusader.

The gallery below includes everything we could capture on camera, and they really run the gamut of tchotchkes. If you want to slip a bit more comic book into your kitchen, living room, or office, Enesco has an answer somewhere in this collection. Check out the gallery below for our shots, and we’ll call out some highlights below.

There’s no doubt they’re expensive, but the Wayne Manor and Daily Planet buildings are gorgeous and definitely belong right next to Bob Cratchit’s house in my Grandma’s Christmas village at the end of the year. Those are going for $240 and $280 respectively. There’s also a series of Justice League ornaments and matching figurines so that you can have classically-styled heroes out all year without weird hooks jutting from the tops of their heads. The ornaments go for $25, while the figurines go for $60. They’re pretty big, too – that Flash one is 7″ tall, while Batman is a whopping 8.75″ tall. Nice. A perfect forever pairing of Joker and Harley mugs is definitely going to be someone’s anniversary gift this year.

A bunch of stuff pictured isn’t on the site yet, like those gorgeous salt shakers. That Shazam one is striking. And a Black Manta shaker? I’m in. There are also banks, more figurines, and tons of other stuff to keep an eye out for. You could just have those OXO shakers you bought at Target 10 years ago.

Or you could hoist your salt shaker into the air and shout out the magic word that transforms you into Earth’s Mightiest Mortal. I mean, you choose, I can’t tell you how to live your life. I guess the epic Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman statues are cool, too.

These items are mostly in “coming soon” status right now, or not yet present in the store, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled. I have an eye on those salt shakers. I’m not kidding.