Mattel spends one last Toy Fair with Batman and friends

Mattel is winding down its DC operations as Spin Master and McFarlane prepare to take over in 2020, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

With one year left to go for figures – outside of DC Superhero Girls – Mattel is going to treat us to final figures. From Multiverse to Shazam, there were several different types of figures on display at Toy Fair.

DC Superhero Girls is getting a fresh coat of paint this year with new designs and a new animated series.

The Imaginext line is getting a new converting RC Batmobile that can convert to a battle configuration and launch discs. You can covert it by the remote or by turning the Imaginext Batman standing on top.

The different colored Batman figures in the line are to celebrate the 80th anniversary. The boxed set will be sold at Target while the individual carded figures will be found at Walmart.

Mattel’s celebration of the 80th anniversary of Batman continues into the Hot Wheels line. While the New York Toy Fair is considered the official debut of the Mystery Machine/Batmobile crossover, the company is well aware it’s out there on the secondary market already. Still, Toy Fair was the official debut even if you already somehow obtained one.

The other Batmobiles are merely on display to celebrate the 80th anniversary.

Mattel won’t be completely out of the DC business next year, but it will feel different to be sure.