LEGO at Toy Fair: Promises of more to come

One thing that sometimes happens at Toy Fair is you know you aren’t getting the full picture. In the case of LEGO and Batman this year, that certainly seemed to be the case.

The two lone sets on display were 76116 “Batsub and the Underwater Crash” and 76117 “Batman Mech vs Poison Ivy Mech.” Both sets are currently out in most stores, so nothing too exciting. The thing is, however, with LEGO is that its Toy Fair display only covers the first half of the year. Speaking with our tour guide, they promised that LEGO is very aware that 2019 is Batman’s 80th anniversary and that more sets are indeed on the way later in the year.

Start saving those pennies now, because due to the way they stressed their knowledge of the anniversary, it certainly feels like the company may have something significant planned for down the road.