Toy Fair 2019: YuMe celebrates Batman’s 80th in style

Toy Fair is a great place to see the biggest brands in the Batman game showcasing new products, but it also presents a fantastic opportunity to discover new players in the market. YuMe has been producing licensed merchandise for Warner Brothers properties for some time now, but later this year, they will be releasing some of the coolest Batman-themed plush (and a few other things) I’ve seen.

DZNR-series plush

These are where it’s at, as far as I’m concerned. Chibi Batman plush, plastered with logos, comic art, camo, and more. I’m betting these are going to be huge. Each plush (with the exception of the Joker) is available in two sizes, too.

Wheels of Gotham

These are pretty simple in concept: a well-known Batmobile, and a cute chibi-style Batman to go with it. These are still preproduction, so all of the Batman figures look the same, but the final products will have Batsuits that match the era of each specific Batmobile.

Hey, Alfred

Smaller vendors often have a product or two that doesn’t quite fit with what they’re known for, and YuMe has this thing. You look at the picture, and you see a decent replica of the ‘89 Batmobile. What you can’t see is that this is actually a Bluetooth device that integrates with  Google Assistant and Siri, and responds to “Hey, Alfred.” It also projects a Bat signal on the ceiling when you slide the cockpit glass forward.

Assorted plush

YuMe also has a variety of other plush products, including their Biggables—plush/inflatable hybrids that give you the size of a giant stuffed toy without the price or weight. And it’s more than just a plush skin over an air bladder—they also stuff key parts, like hands, so that it doesn’t just feel like a giant balloon.

So that’s YuMe. Most of their DC-related stuff is coming out this summer, so keep your eyes open for preorders. And let us know in the comments which of these strike your interest—and which DZNR Batman you like the best (my favorite is the Jim Lee or the various Bat-logos).