Jada at Toy Fair: Batmobiles as far as the eye can see

Jada had a mixture of old and new on display at its Toy Fair 2019 booth. From Batmobiles already on the market to blasts from the past, there was something for everyone.

The easy standout of the Jada booth was the 1966 Batmobile with lighting. The car does come with Batman and Robin figures, but of course, the real highlight was that the headlights and siren dome all lit up with the flick of a switch. It’s going to be a must-have for anyone into ’66 Batman or Batmobiles in general.

The big surprise, however, was after years of selling its die-cast figures on individual blister cards, the company will be moving away from that format. Going forward you will find the figures in themed 20 pack boxes. From a general consumer standpoint, it probably makes a bit more sense, but is going to be a bummer for collectors who are only interested in certain characters.

Unfortunately, some of the newest items we weren’t allowed to photograph yet, but there are some exciting items coming down the road such as a much more modern car for Harley than the Bombshells one that was already released.

Jada always releases a quality product, so we can’t wait to see some of those new cars hitting store shelves.