Stargirl adds four more series regulars

DC Universe’s upcoming Stargirl has added another whopping four members to its cast. Variety reports that Amy Smart, Neil Jackson, Hunter Sansone, and Trae Romano have all joined the series in regular roles.

According to the report, Smart will be playing Barbara Whitmore, the mother of Courtney Whitmore, the titular Stargirl. Meanwhile, Romano will be playing Mike Dugan, Barbara’s new stepson. No indication as of yet to who Sansone and Jackson will be playing.

All of this follows on the news of Cameron Gellman joining the cast in an unknown role. Previously we’ve seen Brec Bassinger getting the title role, with Luke Wilson grabbing the role of Pat Dugan, aka Stripe. Other casting announcements have included Joel McHale as Starman, Brian Stapf will be suiting up as Wildcat, Lou Ferrigno Jr. is Hourman, and even the Injustice Society is getting in on the series as well. And the last casting announcement was for Meg DeLacy as Cindy Burman and Jake Austin Walker in an unknown role.

It’s beginning to sound like we will need a scorecard to keep all of the characters straight.


SOURCE: Variety