NJ Croce at Toy Fair: Bringing back the bendable

One of our favorite things to do at Toy Fair is to just wander the aisles and see what treasure we may find. This year with an eye out for the Bat symbol, it turns out you find it everywhere. We skipped one or two items we saw, but when you find a booth that is 80 percent or more Batman, you stop to chat with them.

NJ Croce is bringing back the bendable toy in a big way. The toy style has been around for decades, but reached real popularity thanks to Gumby. It has come and gone over the years, but NJ Croce is doing some really amazing work in the format. At a distance you can’t tell they are anything other an articulated action figure, and even holding them they feel solid and well made.

It seems as though the company is going wild with Batman and doing just about every version of the caped crusader and his rogues gallery that you can imagine. And, when possible, even doing Batmobiles. The wheels, however, are fixed in position, but that doesn’t make the ’66 Batmobile any less nice to look at.

Batman The Animated Series and New Adventures of Batman are getting some love. And now the company is even preparing to do black and white versions of some of your favorite characters.

An 80th anniversary Batman is on the way, but you can also find other DC characters and the Justice League on shelves already.

You can find the majority of the products on Amazon already, and they are definitely worth checking out.