Diamond Select Toys Aquaman Film Gallery Ocean Master review

Aquaman is coming to home release very soon, so it seems like as good a time as any to complete our set of Diamond Select Aquaman Gallery reviews. We’ve already looked at Black Manta and Arthur, so today, we turn our attention to li’l brother, Orm, the man who would be Ocean Master. But how does he measure up?

The weakest link

Manta is essentially flawless. Aquaman has his warts, but it’s still a mighty fine piece with an impeccable sculpt. Orm? Orm’s the least impressive of the bunch. He’s not all bad—the scaly portions of his suit, his trident, and just the overall image he cuts—all of these are as impressive as they are on Aquaman. The pose is great, and the base keeps the Italian ruin theme seen on the other two pieces (making for a nice three-figure diorama).

But when you get a little closer to the “metal” portions of the suit, things start to look less impressive. The shoulder pieces lack the definition of the blue sections of the costume, and the parts that are supposed to be smooth, polished metal are very roughly-molded, making it look like the suit was made by an inferior (or impatient) craftsman.

The paint job actually serves as a bit of saving grace, at least on the particular unit I received from Diamond. Whereas Aquaman’s biggest flaw was orange overspray on parts that were meant to be golden, Orm doesn’t really have those problems. The application is very clean, and it looks great. The downside here, though, is that the color isn’t quite right. There’s an obvious purple tint to Orm in the film—and on his Vinimate—but the finish on this Gallery is pretty much blue. It doesn’t ruin the whole piece, but it is pretty disappointing.


The Ocean Master Gallery is by far the least impressive of the Aquaman film set. The sculpting on the polished metal portions of the costume is downright poor in places, and while the paint job is nicely applied, the dominant color is wrong. It still looks nice when you’re not right up on it, and it displays well with Arthur and Manta; but unless you’re a big Orm fan or you feel a strong need to complete the set, I’d recommend passing on this one.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received this collectible from Diamond Select Toys for the purpose of review.


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