Aquaman 2 may feature the debut of The Others

We may still be nearly four years out from Aquaman 2, but that isn’t stopping the rumor mill from already starting to churn. First up, we may see Arthur teaming up with his first team, The Others.

According to Aquaverse, The Others will be making their debut in Aquaman 2.

It may seem crazy to predict this when the writers only recently got sorted out, but this is the same group that correctly predicted the involvement of The Trench in Oct. 2014, more than four years before the film came out.

This is a group with a rather interesting track record, to say the least.

First appearing in the Geoff Johns run on the title, The Others were a group of Atlanteans that teamed up with Aquaman and then eventually appeared again to safeguard ancient artifacts. Each has their own power as well with Sky being able to talk to the dead and Ya’Wara commanding jungle cats. This would be a major change for Aquaman, and would also allow him to have a team without having to deal with the baggage that comes with the Trinity being involved.

Aquaman 2 will hit theaters on Dec. 16, 2022.