The Batman reportedly to feature at least three villains

As we wait for Matt ReevesThe Batman, it seems we will have plenty to speculate about. It’s not just who will be the villain, but who will be the villains.

In January Mark Hughes wrote an article for Forbes that has set a lot of the tone for what is the basis of current rumors and speculation. Amongst those he mentioned that there would be several villains. Reeves himself later backed that up saying the film would feature “a Rogues Gallery.”

Just how many villains that will be is now the source of lot of speculation as on Wednesday Hughes tweeted that he knew about three villains with more in cameos and supporting roles.

This film is being set up as featuring more detective work than we’ve seen in previous big screen adaptations of Batman. It is not crazy to think some of these villains may only appear for a few moments as Batman roughs them up for information that will lead him to the next one he needs to see. We could see Batman talk to say the Ventriloquist and Scarface, and that leads him to Scarecrow, and from there he finds out Poison Ivy has information and so on.

With a Rogues Gallery as rich as Batman’s, it’s easy to populate a film, and this would also make it that much easier to bring those villains back in a sequel. If there was even a momentary introduction, using them as the main villain of the next film would be that much easier.

Now we just get to spend the next year or so guessing which villains it will be and who will play them.

The Batman is due to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.