Titans casting breakdown points towards Guardian

Another day, another potential character coming to join Titans season 2. This one, however, seems pretty logical and probably won’t be in many episodes.

Geeks WorldWide has obtained a new casting breakdown that sounds an awful lot like Guardian. The casting department is said to be looking for a Caucasian male between their late 30s and late 40s. The description of the character is as follows.

As indomitable as he is mysterious. Haunted by his past, Jack is a non-attention-seeking vigilante who’s dedicated his life to helping those in need. Underneath this ultimate gentleman is the ultimate fighting machine. But his success has come at a price, turning him into a sublime recluse. As Jack stops at nothing to ensure others have a better life than his own, the question looms large about whether he’ll ever be able to let down his walls.

Of course, Guardian has never had a secret identity with the name Jack, but it is not uncommon for cover names to be used in casting descriptions. In Young Justice, which Titans season 2 seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from, Guardian was Jim Harper, so the jump to ‘Jack’ isn’t a far one.

The character is currently listed as being ‘recurring’ which could be anywhere from one episode to multiples. If he fulfills a similar role to the animated series it will probably only be for one or two episodes at most.

No word as of yet as to when Titans season 2 will debut, but filming is expected to begin in March. We know Jericho is on his way as is Deathstroke. Ravager is in the mix as well. Add in Superboy and rumors of Lex Luthor and it’s just about going to double the cast depending on how many of these are regulars vs recurring.


SOURCE: Geeks WorldWide