Len Wiseman shares new behind the scenes video of Swamp Thing

Things have been a bit quiet on the Swamp Thing front. Perhaps there’s something to be said for filming in a swamp to keep the prying eyes away.

Thanks to Len Wiseman, however, we have a new short video that at least tells us production is still ongoing. There is absolutely nothing to see in this video other than a crew member walking through the swamp.

The last time we saw anything from the set, it involved Wiseman taking crew member on a very odd gondola ride, so he does appear to enjoy swamp pictures. And before that it was the only official image so far of Crystal Reed (Abby Arcane) and Andy Bean (Alec Holland).

Hopefully we can see a shot of Swamp Thing himself in the not too distant future.

A leaked set of dates indicated that Swamp Thing will be premiering on DC Universe on May 10, 2019. That date is not yet official, but does seem likely.


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