Joshua Orpin is clearly pumped to play Superboy on Titans

Joshua Orpin took to his newly minted Instagram account to share his excitement with everyone over the news he will be playing Superboy on Titans. And he truly went all out.

Harkening back to a famous image of the 90s version of Superboy, Orpin made his own self-styled Superboy “S” and made sure he got a “13” in the shot for ‘Experiment 13’ or ‘Subject 13.’ He’s clearly all in on playing this role.

The news was only announced last week that Orpin had landed the role in season 2 of Titans. We would imagine he will be heading to set in the not too distant future as Curran Walters (Jason Todd) has already been working on his training for the new season.

No word as of yet as to when Titans season 2 will debut, but we know Jericho is on his way as is Deathstroke. Ravager is in the mix as well. Add in Superboy, rumors of Lex Luthor, and recent rumors of Guardian, and it’s just about going to double the cast depending on how many of these are regulars vs recurring.