Abandoned Batmobile found in woods, internet left puzzled

Imagine you go for a walk in the woods and you come across what appears to be an abandoned 1989 Batmobile body. Then you decide to post the image online without any explanation and now everyone and their brother is wondering just what in the world the story is behind it.

That is exactly what has happened on Reddit this week when an image showed up of an abandoned Batmboile chassis.

Abandoned batmobile. from batman

Clearly, the Batmobile body has been there for some time, but the question is what in the world it’s doing there. Some Redditors on the thread theorize this could be a leftover body part from the Six Flags Batman show in New Jersey. Also, if you Google “Batmobile replica kit,” you’ll find there are many available online. There is a chance this is someone’s abandoned project, but we’re thinking the Six Flags explanation makes a lot of sense. The only issue is we aren’t even sure this picture was taken anywhere near the theme park.

For now, it’s just a super intriguing mystery. And makes one wonder what they would do if they somehow found a random Batmobile body in the woods. Would the old, “It followed me home, mom!” excuse work like it does with pets?