Jada Toys DC Bombshells Car + Figure two-pack review

Jada Toys has been producing lots of DC-related merch for years, from their awesome Batmobiles, to their Nanofigs, to the stylized Metals line. Cool stuff. I’ve never gotten my hands on any of it until now (with the exception of some very lately-acquired BvS Metals), though. After connecting with Jada at Toy Fair, I heard from one of my contacts at their marketing agency about a review opportunity. They sent over a few of the DC Bombshells car and figure two-packs, and I’ve spent the past few days taking a look.

The figures aren’t really necessary

Okay, let’s get the negative out of the way up front: the figures, while far from bad, are nowhere near the level of quality and detail of the cars. The casting and paint are decent for the size, but they look like inexpensive painted figures. Look at Catwoman’s eyes and glasses, Supergirl’s skin-colored (instead of white) stockings, and—worst of all—the DC stamp on the back of a leg on each figure. They don’t have DC stamps on the cars. It’s pretty clear what the main attraction is here.

The cars are outstanding

So the figures? Take them or leave them. If you like them, great, but that’s not why you’re going to spend $25. But the cars? The cars are just excellent. They look like the classic cars they claim to imitate, and even though some parts are plastic (for understandable reasons—the thin parts of those side mirrors would likely be difficult to fabricate from metal and still maintain structural integrity when you accidentally bump them), the overall picture is still very impressive. They roll well, if you think you’ll find yourself playing with them (I did), and doors and hoods open smoothly and nicely.

The paint jobs are impeccable, too. Everything is super-cleanly applied, and frankly, I adore the way these rich, bright colors look on the classic car designs. I’m not a fan of the Bombshells line of comics, statues, etc., but I think this is a perfect use of the property. These cars and trucks look amazing.


Whether you’re a big Bombshells fan or you just like Selina, Diana, and Kara, I think these would make a nice addition to your collection if you have the shelf space. The figures are superfluous, but the cars are very well-made, perfectly-painted, and functional for those man-children like myself who want to roll them around a bit before picture-taking. If you dig the general idea of this, the execution is flawless, so go get some!

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received these collectibles from Jada Toys. We opened and played with them for three days before beginning our review.


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