There is no Batman shortlist quite yet for the Matt Reeves movie

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Just as quickly as hope rose, so now has it been potentially squashed. A new report indicated that there is no shortlist yet for Matt ReevesThe Batman.

Now comes the debunking. Heroic Hollywood is reporting that it has spoken with two sources about the supposed shortlist of actors for The Batman, and it’s not looking like it’s real. The first stated that, “There are no frontrunners because that list hasn’t hasn’t been formed yet.” Apparently, Reeves wants to get his script polish perfect before he even begins hunting for his Batman.

The second source was a bit more blunt, saying, “The list seems to be a compilation of five of the most obvious candidates that anyone with access to Google and a reasonable knowledge of up and coming actors could come up with.”

With over two years to go before release, and probably many more months to sort out who will don the cowl, expect this to come up several more times. Add in all of the vaillains the film will reportedly have and it’s going to be an intersting time until production starts.

The Batman is due to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.


SOURCE: Heroic Hollywood