Batwoman set photos show things are not good in Gotham

The crew of Batwoman is currently shooting the pilot episode in and around Vancouver. Thanks to some new set photos we’re getting an idea as to the tone of the series and it looks as though ‘bleak’ would be a good term for it.

The set team has been transforming the Vancouver Art Gallery into some form of building in Gotham. Currently, it is surrounded by barbed wire fences and metal detectors have been set up in stark contrast to a red carpet and banners for Gotham’s Mayor Akins.

The presumption is that the art gallery is standing in for Gotham City Hall and there’s some sort of dinner or the like being hosted there. The fences are most definitely part of the set design and not just there to keep people away from filming.

There is still no word on if the Batwoman series will move forward, but with the news that Arrow is coming to a close, the likelihood definitely seems to have increased. There will be a gap in the The CW’s schedule ripe for another comic-based show to take over.