Curran Walters teases the start of Titans season 2 filming

Curran Walters seems to be really pumped for season 2 of Titans to get underway. Currently playing Jason Todd on the DC Universe series, the actor recently shared a visit to the gym while prepping for the new season. And now he’s back with another tease that things are under way.

Walters took to his Instagram and shared in his stories that he was back at work.

Curran Walters just posted this on Instagram from TitansTV

It does appear those rumors of March filming were pretty spot on.

No word as of yet as to when Titans season 2 will debut, but we know Jericho is on his way as is Deathstroke. Ravager is in the mix as well. Add in Superboy, rumors of Lex Luthor, and recent rumors of Guardian, and it’s just about going to double the cast depending on how many of these are regulars vs recurring.