Justice League Mortal concept art for Batman and Superman surfaces

It seems that more and more information about the abandoned Justice League Mortal has been surfacing as of late. The latest round is more concept art from George Miller’s film, and some of them are pretty out there.

Some new designs have appeared over the past week, and they’re wild to say the least. First up, some concepts for Arnie Hammer’s Batman cowl.

We’ve seen some other artwork from this project with huge ears, but these are interesting seeing how far back on his head they sit. These almost feel like horns as opposed to ears, and almost like he could duck his head and charge a target to spear them.

A second concept shows a few different ear setups, but a batsuit unlike any we have ever seen.

The cape is replaced by more a glider wing style apparatus. These appear to be solid spines as well, so perhaps these double as weapons or a shield from gunfire? We don’t know for sure. And the fact the bat symbol is reduced to almost a shirt brand marker is an odd choice as well.

Lastly, we have some designs for DJ Cortana’s Superman costume from the folks over at WETA. This image originally appeared on DC Films Hub.Justice League Mortal - Superman - DJ Cortana - DC FIlms Hub - 01

We’ve seen other variations on these concepts here and there over the years, but not on the big screen. Would have been interesting to see what the final form would have been.

DC Films Hub also provided another look at this Superman concept, along with another potential Batsuit recently.

As with all concept art, its just some of the hundreds to thousands of images generated during pre-production on a film. It at least gives us ideas of what the overall tone was going to be.

Sadly, we’ll never see Justice League Mortal, but it’s always intriguing to see what could have been.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly named an Instagram account as the original source of these images. The story has been updated to provide proper credit.