Gotham’s Batman suit leaks out early

A mysterious image has appeared that claims to be the Batsuit from the final episode of Gotham. If true, it’s not half-bad.

On Sunday, an image started circulating through various subreddits on Reddit. So far, the one below is the earliest one we could find by timestamp, but we’re still not positive it was the original source of the image.

[Spoilers] Leaked Photo of SPOILER’s suit from Gotham finale from DCcomics

The biggest question mark is the abdomen. We’re not quite sure why it’s sectioned off in that fashion, or what the two horizontal pieces are.

It’s certainly not a perfect suit, but it’s far from being horrible.

To be clear, the provenance of this image is not clear. It simply exists and is circulating and multiple people are claiming it is the suit from the final episode of Gotham. All we’ve seen so far that is official is one shot in the season trailer of it from behind running through steam.

Gotham is off this week, but will return on March 21 with episode 10, “I Am Bane.”